Melinda Steffen

Thank you so much for this website! I’ve thoroughly read and shared it with friends and family. I’ve been struggling to convince my pediatrician that my daughter has tongue tie, I feel confident now that I’ve become more knowledgeable in this subject and wanted to extend my gratitude. My daughter is almost 5 months only and I’ve requested to have her tongue snipped since her first appointment at 2 weeks of age. After a short debate with the doctor he finally agreed to request the procedure. About one week later it was denied because her weight wasn’t significantly lower than the average baby her age. On her 2 month checkup I requested again, she’s now at 35% on the growth chart. . .again “doctor and insurance don’t see reason for surgery”. I spent the day in the doctor’s office on Friday to learn that she’s now in the 5% range on the growth chart.

I’m still waiting for approval for surgery to help my poor baby latch on properly. Thank God she’s happy and according to her doctor “perfectly healthy”.

I just wanted to thank you for spending the time to create this website, I’ll be printing several pages to give her doctor in hopes that no one else will have to go thru what my daughter and I are going thru.