A Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Ankyloglossia

This book by Carmen Fernando is the first publication to explore this subject comprehensively. It  explains that tongue tie is real and proceeds to recommend an assessment method to judge the severity of the condition and to determine whether surgical intervention is warranted.

The book covers a wide range of facts: from the historical antecedents of present day attitudes; through the largely unrecognized and often devastating effects of the disability; to the purely practical skills of diagnosis and management of the condition.

It will be a valuable resource for those with a tongue tie, the parents of children with a tongue tie, speech-language pathologists, lactation consultants, doctors, dentists and other health professionals.

It includes 8 pages (31 plates) of high quality colour photographs of a variety of tongue ties, 9 case histories, a detailed protocol for the assessment of tongue ties, exercises for improving lingual proficiency (after surgery), and a summary of a study of 200 children who were found to have a tongue tie.

Paperback: 88 pages
Publisher: Tandem Publications
ISBN: 0646352547

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