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2019 Symposium for Tongue Tie in Sydney 7-9 November 2019


General Information on Tongue Tie

Dr Caroline Bowen’s Article
A detailed and comprehensive description on what the tongue does and how tongue tie affects its actions. Written by a highly experienced and qualified Australian Speech-Language Pathologist, Dr Caroline Bowen, PhD.

Dr Lawrence Kotlow
Dr Lawrence Kotlow, DDS. Dr Kotlow is a specialist paediatric dentist based in Albany, NY, USA, who has done much research on tongue ties and their treatment.  His website contains many other articles on tongue tie.

Dr Brian Palmer’s Presentation
Dr Brian Palmer, DDS, of Kansas, USA, has been evaluating frenums for 25+ years. His presentation on this topic is intended to help educate all who might be interested as to why it is best to do frenotomies on newborns and to do frenectomies on others who did not have frenotomies at birth.

Dr Scott Seigel
Dr Scott A. Siegel is a Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and Pioneer of Lip and Tongue-tie Surgery.

Tongue Tie Institute
Leaders in tongue tie education

Dr Sharon Smart is a Lecturer in the School of Occupational Therapy, Social Work and Speech Pathology and Course Coordinator of the Graduate Entry Masters (GEM) Speech Pathology program at Curtin University.

Orofacial Myology

Orofacial Myology Health is Sydney’s leading provider of Orofacial Myology therapy. We work with children and adults to create healthier, happier faces.
Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy Introductory Course. This course provides an in depth introduction to Orofacial Myology theory and practice.

Rochelle McPherson
With over 25 years of experience in dental hygiene and related fields, Rochelle is one of Australia’s leading practitioners of Orofacial Myology.

Australasian Society for Tongue and Lip Ties (ASTLiT)

ASTLiT is a professional, multidisciplinary society focused on improving knowledge and awareness of tongue tie and upper lip tie. Their focus is providing a resource for professionals working across a broad range of health-care settings with people of all ages who have been diagnosed with tongue tie or upper lip tie.

Please register your professional interest in ASTLiT by contacting Bridget Ingle by email, or through the Facebook group: ‘Australasian Society for Tongue and Lip Ties: Professional Page’.

Breastfeeding and Tongue Tie

A compilation of links on breastfeeding a baby with tongue tie
A comprehensive collection of links on breastfeeding a baby with tongue tie at the Kellymom website. This website specializes in information on breastfeeding, sleep and parenting.

Mr Mervyn Griffiths’ Article
An article titled “Do Tongue Ties Affect Breastfeeding?” by Mr Mervyn Griffiths, MCh, FRCS, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at Southampton Hospital, UK, and published in the Journal of Human Lactation.

Dr Brian Palmer’s presentation
A presentation by Dr Brian Palmer, DDS, on the relationship between frenulums and breastfeeding. He hopes that this presentation will provide the documentation to enable those who believe that tight frenulums can have a negative impact on breastfeeding to convince a doctor or parent to do something about it.

Ms Barbara Wilson-Clay
Barbara Wilson-Clay BSEd, IBCLC. is a well known lactation consultant who is based in Austin, Texas, USA. She is the joint author of “The Breastfeeding Atlas” which has a chapter (Chap 18) devoted to Ankyloglossia.

Royal Women’s Hospital – The Impact of Tongue Tie
The Impact of Tongue Tie from the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Bandolier Journal Article
An article titled “Tongue-tie: ankyloglossia” from the Bandolier Journal with a detailed analysis on prevalence and male/female ratio. It concludes that there is need for more research.

Dr Evelyn Jain’s Video
Gives details about a video titled “Tongue-Tie: Impact on Breastfeeding” produced by Evelyn Jain, MD, CCFP, IBCLC. The video is intended to aid the physician in identifying tongue tie and performing frenotomy. It demonstrates a comprehensive method of assessment of the impact of tongue-tie on breastfeeding, as well as a follow up management plan for the lactation consultant.

Dr Jeanne Ballard’s Article
An electronic article titled “Ankyloglossia: Assessment, Incidence, and Effect of Frenuloplasty on the Breastfeeding Dyad” by Jeanne L. Ballard, MD, Christine E. Auer, RN, IBCLC and Jane C. Khoury, MS and published in the journal Pediatrics.

Surgery for Tongue Tie

Dr Bechara Ghorayeb’s photographs
The web site of Dr Bechara Y. Ghorayeb, MD, of Otolaryngology, Houson, Texas, USA, contains some good photographs of the surgery performed to release a tongue tie as well as photographs of before and after surgery.

Dr Lawrence Kotlow’s Article
An article by Dr Lawrence Kotlow, DDS, on “Using the Erium:YAG Laser to correct an abnormal frenum attachment in newborns”.

Dr Sody Abby Naimer’s Article
An article by Dr Sody Abby Naimer, Amnon Biton, Daniel Vardy and Alex Zvulunov titled “Office treatment of congenital ankyloglossia” published in the journal Med Sci Monit.